A spring ride through Europe - 10 countries in 6 days.

Hjemmelavet pizza på terrassen i Polen hos Michal
Hjemmelavet pizza på terrassen i Polen hos Michal
Aftensmad sammen med Bogdan i Rumænien.
Aftensmad sammen med Bogdan i Rumænien.
Roger & Suzanne foran deres håndværkertilbud i Bulgarien.
Roger & Suzanne foran deres håndværkertilbud i Bulgarien.

In late April I had a week off from work which allowed me to take the Super Ténéré for a quick spin abroad. Just what I needed after a long winter with no riding.

As the weather in Europe can be a joker this early in the season, I decided on a destination only a few days prior to departure.

Friends of mine bought a house in Bulgaria last year and planned on using most of 2018 to refurbish it. When they confirmed that they had arrived in Bulgaria (they come from England), I decided to drop by to say hello and see the property. As I had to cross through several countries to get there, I saw it as an opportunity to check in on other friends en route.

I left home a Saturday morning just before dawn.

The sun was just above the horizon when I arrived at the ferry port in Gedser. I spend the crossing to Germany stuffing my mouth from the delicious breakfast buffet.

Early in the evening, after having covered more than 1.100 km in Germany and Poland, I arrived at a friend's place in the southeastern part of Poland.

I was treated with cold beers and homemade pizza on the porch. It was a lovely evening - even though my friends son beat me in chess.

The next morning I hit the road early after a cup of coffee and a breakfast burrito.

I soon left Poland behind and entered first Slovakia then Hungary before reaching Romania where I was going the spend the night with the Ciric family who I got to know when I participated in EnduRomania a few years back.

As always the Ciric family made me feel very welcome. It's 3 years since my last visit. It was nice to see them again. The mother had prepared a 4 course dinner for me. Bogdan the younger Ciric brother kept me company at the table.

I was well fed and rested when I continued south the next morning.

It was nice riding from the word go. Before long I crossed the Danube River and entered Serbia. The good riding continued all the way to the Bulgarian border.

From the border I had around 2 hours of fast riding to the village Idilevo were my friend's house is located just down the road from Doug's Motocamp. I arrived mid afternoon.

It was good seeing my friends again. As they have been travelling the world on two wheels for the last couple of years, there was a lot of catching up to do. After a tour of the property they took me to a nearby town for beers and dinner. In the evening we returned to Idilevo and dropped by the Motocamp before heading off to bed.

The next morning  it was time for me to start the journey back home.

I had 3 days to cover almost 3.000 km so I was looking forward to long days in the saddle.

The first day saw me through Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary.

The sun was setting as I checked in to a B&B 20 kilometers from Budapest. I was famished when I arrived so the host ordered a takeaway pizza for me and supplied me with a cold beer. Just what I needed.

In the morning I was treated with a massive and delicious breakfast before taking off.

It was still early when I crossed the border to Austria and a few hours later I reached Germany. I kept mainly to smaller roads all day.

As evening approached it became overcast and I saw the first spots of rain during the trip so far. It was time to find a place to stay for the night. I ended up at a guesthouse in Leutenberg - a charming small town situated in Thuringian Forest.

I had a lot of ground to cover the following day, so the sun had only just cleared the horizon when I was back in the saddle. The first few hours was spend on nice and mostly dry roads through the German countryside. 

Before noon I ran out of luck regarding the weather. It became increasingly windy with frequent showers. I decided to hit the Autobahn. The afternoon was spend munching out kilometers.

I reached Denmark late in the afternoon.

I spend 2 days visiting friends and family and attended a party in Jutland (the mainland of Denmark) before returning to Zealand where I live. I arrived in my driveway Saturday morning a week after I set out.

I truly enjoyed the long days in the saddle for several days in a row. My appetite for riding had been sated - at least for a little while.

The Super Ténéré performed flawlessly. It now has +70.000 km on the clock and runs better than ever. This bike just keep impressing me with how well it handles everything I throw at it.

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14.11 | 15:21

Jeg syntes det var en glimrende rejsemaskine med afslappet opret kørestilling og god rækkevidde.

14.11 | 06:57

Hej Tonny har lige et spørgsmål ang .
Kawasaki KLE 650 Versys ABS Fra 2013 da jeg kan se du har haft en magen til. Er det en god rejse maskine.

05.04 | 09:52

Tak. Jeg påregner at nedlægger bike-addict om et års tid, når min nye side går i luften.

05.04 | 09:46

Fed side du har skruet sammen. Tæt på den mest nørdede af slagsen. Jeg er især imponeret over alle de data du lader til at holde styr på. Ses derude.

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